Hybrid SuperTree

Hybrid SuperTree
(bundles of 10 or more)

  • grows well in all climates
  • hardy in zones 3 – 10
  • average width 15 – 20′
  • mature height 50 – 70′
  • often 18 – 20′ within two years of planting
  • disease-resistant / no known insect problems
  • effective hedge row protection from wind, dust, snow & noise
  • shipped as 12-24″ rooted plugs for easy planting
  • much higher transplant success rate than bare-root willow seedlings
  • volume discount as low as $4.49 per tree
  • fastest growing tree in North America!
  • click “Choose an option” in the box below to see pricing for your desired quantity

Hybrid SuperTrees – a unique cross of Salix matsudana and Salix alba, creating Salix matsudana x alba.

This amazing combination of genetics has created a Salix cultivar that grows extremely quickly.

These trees will often reach 18-20′ within two years of planting, while still having the structural integrity to reach a mature height of 50 – 70 feet.

Average height is 35′ and width is 15-20′.  Width can easily be controlled by pruning.

We sell the Hybrid SuperTree all over the USA. It grows well in all climates.

This tree is hardy down to the cold of zone 3, up to zone 10.

This cultivar is disease resistant and has no known insect problems that affect the overall growth habit.

It grows well in many different soil types, from sandy to clay soils.

The most important requirement for Hybrid SuperTrees is moisture. If water is provided weekly during the first year after planting, the root system will easily support the tree after that, unless extreme drought conditions occur.

A WORD OF CAUTION: Please do not trust other internet sellers who claim these trees will live longer than 30 years or even “up to 70 years.”  It is simply not true. We believe in being honest with our customers!

Our experience indicates that Hybrid SuperTrees will begin to have broken branches and decline at about 18-20 years old. Total lifespan seems to be about 30 years. We have about 500 of these Hybrid SuperTrees at our nursery that are 28 years old, which we are about to remove to replant more. Average trunk diameter of those specimens is about 30″.

ANOTHER WORD OF CAUTION: Avoid purchasing this species of tree from nurseries or online sellers who ship them BARE-ROOT. Other species of trees grow well from bare-root stock, but NOT the Salix species. The death loss percentage is very high (35%+) because the Salix species DOES NOT like to be bare-rooted, and tends to die in high percentages. This means extra work for you, even if the seller agrees to replace your dead trees. If one tree in a row dies, you will have an open space in the row that is difficult to fill in. The new replacements will be very small and the visual contrast will be exaggerated because the first set of trees planted will grow so quickly. Of course, you will unfortunately experience the same death loss percentage (35%+) with your replacements. Also, be aware that bare-root stock can only be planted in early spring.

We stopped shipping Salix Hybrid trees bare-root 22 years ago when we developed a much better alternative.

OUR ROOTED-PLUG METHOD IS SUPERIOR:Our Karsten Nursery Hybrid SuperTrees are sold and shipped as rooted plugs, with soil enclosing the roots so they are never exposed to the air.

Our stock WILL NOT die if given even basic care, and you can plant anytime during the year.

Your trees can be kept in water for a week or two if you cannot plant immediately after they arrive.

It is very important that you DO NOT remove the netting that will be around the root ball. The root plug is about the size of a soda can so it’s easy to plant.

Your trees will arrive as 12-24″ rooted plugs in a long carton, via either UPS, Postal or SpeeDee Delivery, depending on where you live. Shipping cost is $6.99 total for ten trees.

Instructions for care and planting will be shipped in the box with your trees. Please read those instructions.

You can also read information about care & planting on this page.


We highly recommend that you also purchase some PlantSkydd® animal repellent to protect your young trees from hungry critters like rabbits & deer. We are an authorized provider of PlantSkydd® & offer it because we want our trees to arrive healthy & then enjoy the best possible conditions to thrive after you planet them. You can order your PlantSkydd® in liquid or powder concentrate form, along with a sprayer to apply it to your freshly planted trees. Click here to see your options.

WHY PLANT HYBRID SUPERTREES?Other trees can take 30 years to give you shade and provide a visual barrier from unsightly views. Why wait that long? If you need a fast-growing hedge row that will provide quick protection from wind, snow, noise or dust, order your Hybrid SuperTrees from Karsten Nursery and get them in the ground soon! If you have enough space, we encourage you to plant a variety of other species parallel to your row of Hybrids so that in 20 years you will have a healthy, mature stand of trees inside the declining row of Willows.


We will confirm receipt of your order within one day by email.

Please call or email if you have ANY questions about your order. We want only happy customers, so if you are not happy for any reason PLEASE let us know as soon as possible.

PRICING FOR OUR HYBRID SUPERTREES:We are glad to offer homeowners, landscapers & retail customers the advantage of wholesale pricing from us by purchasing in bundles as small as 10 trees.

Our bundle prices for the Hybrid SuperTree are as follows:10 trees – $69.9920 trees – $136.9930 trees – $200.9940 trees – $262.9950 trees – $322.9960 trees – $379.9970 trees – $434.9980 trees – $487.9990 trees – $537.99100 trees – $585.99200 trees – $958.99300 trees – $1,399.99400 trees – $1,839.99500 trees – $2,279.991,000 trees – $4,499.99

To order, simply click in the box labelled “Choose an option” to select how many trees you want to purchase, and then click the Add to Cart button & proceed to payment.

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customer reviewed

We had the worst soil ever and never thought we could grow anything in our soil. The Hybrid SuperTrees have grown nearly 15 feet high already in only 15 months. Several of my neighbors want to plant some of your trees also, let us know if we can still get some this summer or are you sold out?

 Darren P.